This month I am completely free.  I’m not currently working, and have no plans until the last week of June, when I will go on a week-long trip to lake Huron with my mother, my aunt, and my sister.   So to occupy my time, I have set a couple of personal goals for myself, […]

After our tour of the Daintree river to spot the local crocs, my boyfriend and I set off north for Cape Tribulation,  where the rainforest meets the reef. We drove up the the ferry that crosses the Daintree river and through the 160 million year-old Daintree forest. The drive was beautiful. As we drove further […]

A few weeks ago, I went on a mini-holiday with my boyfriend to Tropical North Queensland (TNQ).   We flew up to Cairns from Brisbane, rented a car, and set off on our little adventure. We didn’t have much time (only 4 or 5 days), so I tried to plan our itinerary in advance so […]

I just spent two weeks visiting my aunt in San Francisco (one week in February on my way to Australia, and one week in May on my way back home to Canada).  Since I was born, she has always lived across the continent from the rest of our family, so I didn’t get a chance […]

In the past couple of months, I have gained an interest in, and started to practice meditation. Although I have been practicing yoga on and off for a few years, meditation has never appealed to me. The thought of sitting cross-legged for extended periods of time with my eyes closed and doing nothing sounded quite […]

I am currently at a crossroads in my life.  I feel like my life could go in any direction at this point, and I have no solid idea of what my next career move will be, or even where I will be living next year. After having worked very hard for three years in Japan, […]

Being from Canada and having grown up nowhere near the ocean, going to the beach is always a treat for me, especially when the weather is warm and the water is not numbingly cold. So, one of my requests to my boyfriend for my Australian trip was to visit as many beaches as possible while […]