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I started a meditation practice almost one year ago.  While my goal has been to achieve a daily practice of 30 min, I sometimes forget, or am too busy to meditate everyday. Nevertheless, I have noticed improvements in my moods and stress levels when I meditate, and even when I don’t.  My preferred method of […]

My Meditation and Fitness Goals for June

This month I am completely free.  I’m not currently working, and have no plans until the last week of June, when I will go on a week-long trip to lake Huron with my mother, my aunt, and my sister.   So to occupy my time, I have set a couple of personal goals for myself, […]

Meditation Practice

In the past couple of months, I have gained an interest in, and started to practice meditation. Although I have been practicing yoga on and off for a few years, meditation has never appealed to me. The thought of sitting cross-legged for extended periods of time with my eyes closed and doing nothing sounded quite […]

My New Found Spirituality

I am currently at a crossroads in my life.  I feel like my life could go in any direction at this point, and I have no solid idea of what my next career move will be, or even where I will be living next year. After having worked very hard for three years in Japan, […]