Looking back on this year so far, I noticed that there are things I’ve been meaning to do to better myself and to advance my career, such as continuing to develop my medical writing skills and keeping up on my Spanish and Japanese language skills, but time has passed by and I haven’t really done much of what I had been planning. 

I realized that the winter weather has completely sapped my motivation. It has been an incredibly long winter full of extremely cold temperatures, and dreary days. I leave for work early in the morning before sunrise, spend the whole day indoors and leave work in the evening when the sun is about to set. So when I get home, I barely have motivation to get to the gym to exercise my body, let alone exercise my brain with writing. 

Now that spring is here, I’m optimistic that the longer days, warmer temperatures (hopefully!) and sunnier days will help me to get motivated to do more than curl up with a blanket and watch tv!


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