I started a meditation practice almost one year ago.  While my goal has been to achieve a daily practice of 30 min, I sometimes forget, or am too busy to meditate everyday. Nevertheless, I have noticed improvements in my moods and stress levels when I meditate, and even when I don’t.  My preferred method of meditation is using a guided meditation, and by far, my favorite meditations are the guided meditations by Davidji.  Every week, I eagerly await the e-mail sent out on friday with the weekend meditation.

Davidji always provides a relaxing and uplifting meditation with an important lesson. One of the first and most valuable lessons that I learned through Davidji’s guided meditations was to trust the universe. That every moment is perfect, and is as it should be.

Over the past year, I have had several experiences when I was frustrated at how things in my life had turned out, completely opposite to how I wanted them to. When things seemed to go wrong, I would remind myself that the moment is still perfect, that I should trust in the universe and that eventually the master plan would reveal itself.

Sure enough, eventually I came to understand why each of those events have happened and saw how they ended up benefiting me in one way or another.  Something positive has always come about from a situation that I considered negative at the time.  So, this past year has proven to me that I should always trust in the universe, and trust that each moment is perfect.


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